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14th August 2016

At 10.55am Holyhead Coastguard requested that Porthdinllaen RNLI lifeboat should launch to assist a broken down pleasure craft.

The 20ft Bayliner type craft, called the Blue Moon, had two people on board and had suffered mechanical failure approximately 10 miles North of Porthdinllaen Point.
The Blue Moon, which had set off earlier in the morning from Portdinorwig for a leisurely fishing trip, had suffered a drive coupling failure on their inboard engine which was not repairable at sea. Weather conditions were sunny with calm seas and only a slight breeze.
Upon arrival, the volunteer lifeboat crew from Porthdinllaen passed over a tow line to the Blue Moon and upon arrival at Porthdinllaen Bay, the boat was placed on a safe mooring.
The lifeboat then returned to the boathouse and was refuelled and ready for service at 12.45pm.
Ken Fitzpatrick, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Porthdinllaen RNLI, said: 'The Blue Moon suffered an unavoidable breakdown due to the failure of the engine drive coupling and the only option was to request a tow back to Porthdinllaen.'

23rd September 2007
Hetty Rampton launched at 15.18hrs due to a report of a catamaran with mechanical failure near Trefor. On arrival it was found that the vessel was making way by sail, towards Clynnog Fawr. The lifeboat stood down and returned to station at 17:00hrs.

8th September 2007
At 12:12hrs Hetty Rampton launched to a report of missing divers at Porth Ysgaden but fortunately the divers were found and therefore Lifeboat stood down and returned to station at 12:35hrs

3rd September 2007
A day later at 15:39hrs Hetty Rampton was launched again after a report from yacht "Nena A day later at 15:39hrs Hetty Rampton was launched again after a report from yacht "Nena" that she had a fouled propeller close to Llanddwyn Island. Hetty Rampton arrived on the scene and took her under tow towards Caernarfon.  Due to a falling tide, Beaumaris lifeboat had to be launched to take over tow  from Fort Belan to Felinheli. The Lifeboat then returned to station arriving at 19:00hrs.
Yacht "Nena" Under tow Beuumaris Lifeboat takes over
2nd September 2007
At 13:49hrs Hetty Rampton launched after a report from fishing vessel "Independent" that they had a man overboard 7miles south west of Porthdinllaen and that he could be suffering from hypothermia and were trying to recover him themselves. Upon arrival at the scene, the casualty was transferred to the lifeboat and taken back to Porthdinllaen to be checked over by paramedics with the lifeboat returning to station at 15:30hrs
Fishing Vessel "Independant"

26th August 2007
On Bank Holiday Sunday, holiday makers were alerted by two loud bangs from the maroons that the lifeboat was due to launch. At 12:30hrs  Hetty Rampton and the  Station Boarding Boat were launched following a report from the station coxswain that a speedboat  " Shatterproof" had become swamped off Porthdinllaen point and 4 persons were in the water and in severe danger. Both lifeboats were at scene within minutes but fortunately for the three men and one lady to them they were rescued by another boat user in the area of the incident. One person had to be airlifted to Bangor hospital suffering from shock. They were all very lucky that there were other boat users in the area. The lifeboat then towed the speedboat back to Lifeboat bay returning to station at 13:20hrs

"Shatterproof" back safely on Lifeboat Bay
11th August 2007
On a dreadful evening, in strong winds and lashings of rain Hetty Rampton launched at 19.42hrs.She was on her way to a Mayday call from a 40ft yacht called "Nauphanty"  which had lost its steering just off the Menai Straits, close to Llanddwyn island,  after attaching a  rope, the yacht was towed to a safe berth at Caernarfon with the lifeboat returning to station at 23:05hrs. It was a little late for the acting coxswain to put his dinner jacket back on to resume festivities at the Nefyn Golf Club Centenary Dinner! "Nauphanty" under tow

8th August 2007
At 21:21 Hetty Rampton was launched after a report from a yacht on passage to Aberystwyth (whilst attempting a around Britain challenge raising money for the RNLI) stating that they had picked up a 8ft sailing boat unmanned 10 miles north of Porthdinllaen. Upon arriving on scene, the sailing boat was transferred to the lifeboat, which returned  to station at 23:05
4th August 2007
At 10:28hrs Hetty Rampton was launched after a mobile phone call to Holyhead Coastguard from some persons in  Manchester saying that 3 of their friends had broken down in a 20 ft fishing boat and were clinging on to a lobster pot close to Trefor pier.  On arrival, the boat was taken in tow to Trefor to meet up with Llandwrog Mobile Coastguard. The Lifeboat returned to station at 12:02hrs.
Casualty found Taken under tow Safely under way
24th July 2007
At 12:27hrs Hetty Rampton was launched after a report that a 30ft fishing vessel named "Girl Helen" had suffered mechanical failure 4 miles south of Llanddwyn. After attaching a tow line, the vessel was towed to Caernarfon to be put on a safe mooring at 14:30hrs.  The lifeboat returned to station at 16:00hrs
"Girl Helen" adrift -- --and under tow
7th July 2007
At 14:07hrs ( 2 x 7:07  on the 7th of the 7th 2007!)  Hetty Rampton was requested to launch after a report of a missing diver in Porth Ysgaden bay. However,  as the crew turned up at station, the  launch was cancelled as the diver was found safe & well. A lucky day all round!

5th May 2007
At 03:09hrs Hetty Rampton was launched after a report that a 40ft yacht called "Zada" had suffered engine failure 31miles west of Porthdinllaen, whilst on passage from Gibraltar to Liverpool. After arriving on scene at 05:15hrs  Zada was taken in tow.  At 09:30hrs  Holyhead Lifeboat took over the tow to be taken to Holyhead harbour. Porthdinllaen lifeboat returned to station at 10:20hrs.

These three photos were taken by the Holyhead lifeboat.

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