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14th August 2016

At 10.55am Holyhead Coastguard requested that Porthdinllaen RNLI lifeboat should launch to assist a broken down pleasure craft.

The 20ft Bayliner type craft, called the Blue Moon, had two people on board and had suffered mechanical failure approximately 10 miles North of Porthdinllaen Point.
The Blue Moon, which had set off earlier in the morning from Portdinorwig for a leisurely fishing trip, had suffered a drive coupling failure on their inboard engine which was not repairable at sea. Weather conditions were sunny with calm seas and only a slight breeze.
Upon arrival, the volunteer lifeboat crew from Porthdinllaen passed over a tow line to the Blue Moon and upon arrival at Porthdinllaen Bay, the boat was placed on a safe mooring.
The lifeboat then returned to the boathouse and was refuelled and ready for service at 12.45pm.
Ken Fitzpatrick, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Porthdinllaen RNLI, said: 'The Blue Moon suffered an unavoidable breakdown due to the failure of the engine drive coupling and the only option was to request a tow back to Porthdinllaen.'

24th October 2004
At 15:32 the Lifeboat launched to assist a windsurfer who had difficulties off Porth Ysgaden The Lifeboat returned to station shortly after 16:30 with the casualty on board.

29th August 2004
At 13.03hrs the "Hetty Rampton" was launched in a brisk ( Force 5 - 6) SW breeze as a result of a report that a light aircraft had ditched into the sea 5 miles south of Bardsey Island.
The lifeboat searched the area along with the Pwllheli and Abersoch lifeboats which had also been called to the scene. They were also joined by an RAF helicopter but after 2 hours HM Coastguard called off the search. Nothing had been found and it had to be assumed a false alarm given with good intent.
"Hetty Rampton" returned safely to station at 17.30hrs
20th August 2004
When the Coastguard was informed of a yacht dragging her anchor in Porthdinllaen bay they requested a Lifeboat launch. Unfortunately the "Hetty Rampton" could not reach the yacht due to shallow waters so the crew performed a beach rescue together with the Coastguard team and successfully recovered the occupants of the vessel at 15.00hrs.
18th August 2004

At 08.44 "Hetty Rampton" launched in a South East force 7 to 8 after HMCG received a Mayday call from the yacht Camelot which was in trouble off Caernarfon Bar. When the lifeboat arrived at the scene, Helicopter Rescue 122 from RAF Valley was already there for observation purposes. The skipper of the yacht thought it had lost it's steering and rudder, however this turned out to be a false alarm and the lifeboat escorted the yacht to Porthdinllaen, returning to station at 12.00pm
15th July 2004
At 17.22 the Lifeboat launched to assist a yacht which had engine failure 4 miles north of Bardsey Island. The "Hetty Rampton" arrived on the scene within 40mins and towed the yacht back safely to Porthdinllaen to be put on a mooring. The Lifeboat returned to station at 20.05
14th July 2004
At 10.14hrs the "Hetty Rampton" launched to assist a 40ft Sunseeker with fuel problems. She was located 4 miles North of the station. On arrival a towing rope was attached and the vessel was towed back to a safe mooring in Porthdinllaen.
11th July 2004
The Lifeboat was launched at 12.50 to recover the fishing boat "Isabella" who had engine problems whilst on a fishing trip in Caernarfon bay. She was towed back from Bird Rock to her mooring in Nefyn.
14th June 2004
At 00.20am Hetty Rampton was launched after a report that a yacht was dragging its anchor in Porthdinllean bay. The lifeboat found the casualty within 5 minutes and, after ascertaining that there were no persons on board, towed it to a safe mooring. The lifeboat returned to station at 01.15hrs
Later the same day at 14.30pm Hetty Rampton launched again following a report that a small cabin cruiser was having difficulty with fuel problems off Bardsey Island. The Lifeboat arrived on the scene within the hour and towed the boat safely back to Porthdinllaen and the Lifeboat returned to station again at 17.30hrs.
The casualty on this occasion was Geoff Evans skipper of "Pippa" You can click here to read his interesting account of the incident.
17th February 2004
At  19.25hrs the crew were summoned by their pagers to launch the Hetty Rampton to assist a 10 metre fishing vessel " Challenger", 4 miles west of Bardsey Island. The lifeboat sped at full speed, arriving at the scene within the hour. After managing to get a tow rope onto the Hetty Rampton, the "Challenger" was towed back to Porthdinllaen, arriving shortly after 23.00hrs. The vessel was put on a mooring and the lifeboat was re-housed at 23.30 hrs.

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