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14th August 2016

At 10.55am Holyhead Coastguard requested that Porthdinllaen RNLI lifeboat should launch to assist a broken down pleasure craft.

The 20ft Bayliner type craft, called the Blue Moon, had two people on board and had suffered mechanical failure approximately 10 miles North of Porthdinllaen Point.
The Blue Moon, which had set off earlier in the morning from Portdinorwig for a leisurely fishing trip, had suffered a drive coupling failure on their inboard engine which was not repairable at sea. Weather conditions were sunny with calm seas and only a slight breeze.
Upon arrival, the volunteer lifeboat crew from Porthdinllaen passed over a tow line to the Blue Moon and upon arrival at Porthdinllaen Bay, the boat was placed on a safe mooring.
The lifeboat then returned to the boathouse and was refuelled and ready for service at 12.45pm.
Ken Fitzpatrick, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Porthdinllaen RNLI, said: 'The Blue Moon suffered an unavoidable breakdown due to the failure of the engine drive coupling and the only option was to request a tow back to Porthdinllaen.'

Later on Saturday August 9th
After escorting October day to Porthdinllaen, the Hetty Rampton had to assist another vessel off Porth Ysgaden which was lost in dense fog. However it turned out that the boats last position was 6 miles west of Trefor. after arriving at the position Holyhead Coastguard asked the lifeboat to make a parallel search from Caernarfon to Porthdinllaen. At 21.55hrs the casualty was found off Penrhyn Cwmistir with two persons on board. The lifeboat returned to station at 22.20hrs.
Saturday 9th August
At 18.30hrs the lifeboat launched to assist a boat called October day inthick fog and zero visibility off Trefor. The lifeboat, using RDF equipment quickly found the boat and escorted her to Porthdinllaen at 19.30hrs.
Thursday 8th August
At 18.15hrs the lifeboat was launched in dense fog and zero visibility to assist a 15ft boat with two persons on board which had lost their bearings off Nant Gwytheyrn. The crew of the lifeboat had to use the Radar and VHF Direction fining equipment to locate the casualty. After arriving on the scene the casualty was escorted to Trefor where it was safely beached at 19.00hrs with the lifeboat returning to station at 19.20hrs.
Wednesday 6th August
The lifeboat was launched after reports of a speedboat drifting towards rocks off Nefyn point. Another local boat ( skippered by the webmaster ) was in the vicinity and was able to assist so the Hetty Rampton was quickly returned to station.
Thursday 31st July 2003
At 11.50hrs the lifeboat was launched to assist a 22ft boat off Nefyn point which had broken loose from its moorings. Fortunately, no one was on board and the boat was towed to safe shelter at Nefyn before securing to another mooring
Monday July 21st.
At 13.22 the Stations boarding boat was launched after a report that a boat was in trouble and that one man was in the sea off Porthdinllaen point. The boarding boat was soon on the scene, the man was rescued and the boat was towed to the harbour. Fortunately no one needed medical assistance.
Sunday 20th July
At 13.03hrs "Hetty Rampton"  was launched to assist a 14ft sailing dinghy which had capsized 3/4 mile off Trefor pier throwing 3 persons into the sea. On arrival the lifeboat rescued 2 persons from the water and the helicopter from RAF Valley picked up the third, who was suffering from hypothermia, and airlifted the to Bangor Hospital. The lifeboat returned to station shortly after 14.30
Saturday 19th July
At 16.20 the lifeboat was launched to assist a local fishing boat which had gearbox problems half a mile to the west of the Station.
Saturday 5th July
The lifeboat launched at 20.55 to assist the yacht "Amity" which had run out of fuel off Tudweiliog. Relief cox Malcolm Gray of St. Davids was in charge of the rescue and guided the "Hetty Rampton" to the casualty within 20 mins of launching. The yacht was towed back to Porthdinllaen and put on a mooring at 22.00hrs. The webmaster was not on board the casualty !
Friday 4th July 2003
At 16.30 "Hetty Rampton" was launched to a yacht situated 13 miles South west of Bardsey with engine failure. The lifeboat arrived on the scene 2 hrs later at a distance of 26miles from Porthdinllaen. After attaching a tow rope the casualty was towed back to Porthdinllaen arriving at 22.30 hrs
Monday 26th May 2003
"The Famous Grouse" answered a call from 4 men in a speedboat with engine trouble off Trefor at 14.30hrs.  They were towed back to safety in Trefor.
Saturday 17th May 2003
Whelk Come Back
The Porthdinllaen Lifeboat was launched just before lunchtime to assist a very red faced local fisherman along with his son, who were suffering from engine failure about 4 miles to the north of Porthdinllaen. They were towed to the safety of their mooring.
Saturday 3rd May 2003
At 20.56hrs the Famous Grouse launched to aid a yacht, with 5 persons on board, just a few hundred yards from the boathouse, that was dragging her moorings.
Friday 25th April
At 19.33hrs The Porthdinllaen lifeboat launched to assist a swimmer swept out to sea off Penlech Beach near Porth Colmon. Together with the Porthdinllaen Coastguard team and helicopter Rescue 122 from RAF Valley. On arrival the swimmer was helped back to shore by a colleague but unfortunately later passed away in Bangor hospital.
Wednesday 16th April 2003
The lifeboat was launched at 14.18hrs to aid a small10ft sailing dinghy off Nefyn beach.
Monday 14th April 2003
At 18.45 the Porthdinllaen Lifeboat was launched together with a Seaking Helicopter (rescue 122 RAF Valley) after Holyhead Coastguard received a Mayday call from a 26ft yacht "Lucky Jim" located to the north of Bardsey Island. There were two persons on board suffering from seasickness. The men were transferred to the "Famous Grouse" who then towed the yacht back to Porthdinllaen to be tied up on a mooring.
Sunday 2nd March 2003.
At 15.32hrsthe Lifeboat was launched to aid a small craft at Trefor. The lifeboat towed the vessel into Trefor harbour, returning to station at 16.45hrs.
On Wednesday 12th February 2003, the crew were on a routine training exercise in the relief boat "The Famous Grouse" when they received a call that a 50ft ketch the "Vilma",  who was on passage to Cardiff with a  Millenium Stone, had broken down with gearbox problems. She was towed into the bay at Porthdinllaen where she lay for a couple of days before being towed back to Port Penrhyn.

Yacht "VILMA" in the bay at PY preparing to be towed back to Port Penrhyn, click to enlarge ( photo - courtesy of Mrs.B.Webley)

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